Scrap bin...

by Doc Nickel

No risk of it getting scrapped. happy.gif

At this point everything is in very good condition, especially considering the hard life it's had. The only issue is the spindle, and it's actually entirely possible a conventional (and relatively common) Bridgeport spindle could be adapted to fit.

And at absolute last resort, a new spindle shaft could be turned from scratch. It wouldn't be easy, the splines would be a pain, but it could be done. It'd also be expensive as I'd have to send it off for heat-treating, then send it off again for finish-grinding...

Or, at past last resort, I could dig up a complete Bridgeport (or other brand) head, and adapt or install it. Not ideal, of course, and could easily cost $2K or more including shipping, but it could be done.

But no matter what, I'm not gonna scrap it. happy.gif


Posted on Jun 12, 2017, 3:31 AM

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