Chellenge Declined.

by Doc Nickel

Much as I might like to try and put something together like that, I don't even have the time to edit the video, let alone build the thing.

My own personal To-Do list, not even counting current and future customer work, OR forthcoming production work, much of which is way behind right now, is miles long. Just right this second- as in, earlier today, I was working on two different machine tools, my CNC cabinet, and setting up to do some mods to my Olds.

I also mailed out three packages, got one more in, and spent nearly five hours in total on three different customers' jobs but wasn't able to actually complete any of them.

As it is, it's just after 3:00 AM, and I'm still up answering email. happy.gif

The absolute very LAST thing I need to be trying to do right now, is spend the time, energy and money to build some pointless piece of junk in an attempt to outdo some YouTube hick. happy.gif


Posted on Jun 13, 2017, 3:11 AM

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