Static charge.

by Shalom

There's a company that makes liquid lansoprazole for people who can't swallow capsules. The stuff comes in two bottles; one has a liquid suspending agent, the other has about a half a gram of powdered lansoprazole. At the time of compounding, you open the bottles, dump half the liquid into the powder (*not* the other way round), reclose, shake for sixty seconds, then reopen the bottle, being prepared to dump in the rest of the liquid...

and the shock you get from the massive electrical charge that builds up in the liquid makes your arm muscles contract and you toss the stuff over your right shoulder.

(OK, thus far I've managed to control the jerk so as not to lose any of the liquid, but it almost happened, several times.)

I dunno what they make those bottles out of, but it's certainly something that packs a wallop.

Posted on Jun 13, 2017, 4:40 AM

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