An update

by James

Over the weekend, the main air compressor was shut down, so my little back up compressor took over supplying. It's run over night several times, but this was the first time it tried to run all weekend. Apparently it got too hot about half way through and shut down, bringing the mill to a stop, (either that or someone shut it off accidentally). Does anyone know an easy way to re-start a HAAS that's had a low Air Pressure Alarm? It took me another day to get the part finished. To my surprise, the bit didn't break, but I saw it bend way further than I ever expected.

[linked image]

The piece on the left, glues under the piece on the right. The funny lines in the front are from an under cut that I had to hand form later. It was really only the ends that we needed for this job.

Posted on Jun 13, 2017, 1:51 PM

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