your cutting speed...

by sniper1rfa

is OK. 10krpm at 20 ipm is about .001/tooth, which is about correct for a 1/8" endmill in aluminum. You could probably go back up to 18krpm and 36ipm feed safely.

I'd guess your spindles are not accurate enough for running 1/8" tooling in aluminum. Check the runout with a dial indicator - it might simply be too high to get a good finish or good tool life.

Switch to real aluminum specific tooling for a better finish and better tool life, preferably with a small corner radius. Try the variable helix, 3flute stuff from Harvey Tool or wherever: for example a good option would be or depending on the depth of cut you need.

Posted on Jun 13, 2017, 8:42 PM

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  1. oh, and if you switch to 3-flute endmills.... sniper1rfa, Jun 13, 2017
    1. Unit of measurement changes sure are a headache, and probably part of the issue.. Fubarius, Jun 13, 2017


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