Aluminum and Steel is bad, but Wood and Steel can be worse

by Fubarius

At our shop all our wood cutting machines are connected to a central dust collector. A bit 60 foot silo next to the building where all the dust is sucked up, swirled around, and eventually dropped into a dumpster.

You hit some steel with a cutter and it makes a spark and that can get sucked up into the silo and cause all the fine dust particles to EXPLODE.

Generally not an issue in your small garage shop, but on a big industrial scale it's a constant worry. Heck, I had to get special permission to use steel hold down clamps for this aluminum job.
David Johnson
AKA Fubarius

Posted on Jun 14, 2017, 5:26 PM

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  1. Dust explosions are NOT FUN!!!. Z-man51, Jun 14, 2017
    1. Unfortunately a regular occurrence in the Corn Belt. Dave H, Jun 15, 2017
      1. Bigger fun with coffee creamer!. Salda007, Jun 15, 2017
        1. They did it wrong.... Snowtroll, Jun 16, 2017
          1. Re: They did it wrong.... Dave H, Jun 16, 2017


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