Plastic sheeting and spongy floor.

by SteelSterling

The sheeting is for cleanliness, so the key is figuring out the spongy floor. thinks I think that room was either meant as some sort of dance studio, or martial arts dojo. Dance studios use "sprung wood"- wood floors with some "give" in them, which might approximate a slightly spongy floor. The sheeting might cover the mirrors-or where mirrors are planned.

More likely, IMHO, is that it's for martial arts. The spongy floor serves a similar purpose as the sprung wood. If the style is one that involves throws, grapples, or ground-fighting (judo, aikido, MMA, Brazilian JJ, Greco-Roman, etc, etc), then it makes a LOT of sense to have a floor with built-in throw mats for safe landings. And, frankly, plastic sheeting on the walls makes it a LOT easier to hose off any blood spilled around...
especially if the floor has a few drains and the ceiling sprinkler system does a cleaning purge to wash everything down.....
Uh, Oh.

Posted on Jun 14, 2017, 8:15 PM

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