Absolutely "holy CRAP!" chopper build!

by Doc Nickel

Found on another blog, a fellow over on ChopCult is building a nearly-from-scratch, mostly-stainless-steel chopper using a 1940 Knucklehead engine.

Here's just the forks.

It's an utterly fantastic build. He makes extensive use of CAD in designing parts, but the actual making of the parts is all on manual machines, bandsaws and grinders.

And he spared no expense- he had parts lost-wax cast in 17-4PH stainless (!) and machined his own specialty nuts for the axles and stem. And check out how he locks the nuts to keep them from backing out!

Actually, he made damn near everything! He made his own stainless steel headlight bucket, his own friction-damped girder front forks, his own oil tank... Wait 'til you see his freakin' foot pedals.

Nothing is just a straight bracket. Everything is swoopy and organic, everything has a little flair to it to set it apart. From the 1940 silver dollars inlaid into the headstock casting, to the outboard mounted chainwheel and disc brake- every single part has a great deal of thought and inspiration put into it.

It's close to, but not quite done. I cannot wait to see it completed.


Posted on Jun 16, 2017, 12:58 AM

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  1. The way those parts polish up is just beautiful. Love the craftsmanship NT. Mawson, Jun 16, 2017


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