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by Doc Nickel

That's another thing I'm going to try and do- I'd originally started out with one photo per page, in part to keep a reader from having to download 15 images at once.

But of course I have relatively small photos, and most people today have pretty fast connections, so that's really not an issue anymore.

But it gets annoying to have to click through each photo, so I'm going back and redoing some of those early articles- especially the big ones with lots of photos- to have around 10-12 per page.

And, in the old format, I had the index page showing each entry as a completely separate unit, complete with individual thumbnail. That's cool, but some of the bigger builds have over a dozen entries- the Exacto will have 20+ before it's done.

That started making for a big, complex page, so that's when I decided to tone it down into the above linked page, which as you noted, makes it easier to browse. And, for those that might want to go back and reread a section, individual parts or even photos will be easier to find.


Posted on Jun 19, 2017, 1:17 AM

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