Explosions, etc at Howie's.

by Z-man51

Come to think of it, Doc and entourage's last visit to the roadhouse did not result in any damage to the building, beer taps, bar, chairs, stools, or anything else except for Swampy wearing a candle and the wall damage when Doc introduced Simon to Howie's Buffalo Wings' special sauce. We never even found out what happened because of Roger's modifications to the jukebox. Is it still working, needed replacement or blew up?
And yes, Doc did damage to his parking spot due to the Widowmaker's unauthorized ballistic flight and crash landing, but Doc did pay for the lot being repaired. Heck, even Simon had his Hyundai replaced. The only questions are was the replacement car replaced after the DEV mix up. Did it ever come back to Roger or did he get off Scott free? Is Simon still mourning the loss of his beloved Hyundai (I know, that's weird!), has he forgiven Doc for blowing up his beloved Hyundai (even weirder) or is he planning extreme prejudicial terminations of both Doc and Roger?

Posted on Jun 26, 2017, 10:41 PM

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