Would Patreon work for me?

by kc8wzm (Zayden)

Could someone explain to me in rather simple terms what Patreon is and a little bit about how it works? I see many youtube channels use it to raise funds for their projects. I also know that Doc has it set up as well.

I have my annual Lego Church Project (link at the end of this post). I've secured donations in the past. But sometimes asking for help isn't my style since I'm on a fixed income. I've had to replace a lot of parts over the last few years. Even using Bricklink it can still get pretty costly. More so when I'm trying to come up with a few ideas to solve some major problems I have with the project. In this case trying to come up with a "quick disconnect" So I can remove some parts of the bell tower(s) for transport. I'm pretty sure I know what parts I need. But right now money isn't my friend.

I'm just wondering if this is something that could help me out in the long run to cover some of the costs with the up keep and replacing worn out parts as needed. I'm on my 18th season. Scary enough I've been in the APwire and local news for my work. Thanks for the feed back.

-Zayden (kc8wzm)


Posted on Jun 28, 2017, 12:04 PM

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  1. Not sure.... Doc Nickel, Jun 28, 2017
  2. Re: Would Patreon work for me?. Dave H, Jun 28, 2017
    1. Yes I am the guy (Doc should see this as well). kc8wzm (Zayden), Jun 29, 2017
  3. very nice work. Raphael, Jun 28, 2017


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