Huh, I forgot about that!

by Z-man51

You're right, traffic violations with fine over $300 were reportable as were IIRC, misdemeanor fines over $300 as well. Not disqualifying, they just wanted to know about it.
And they wanted to know if you did any foreign travel, country and specific people if that was the reason. I had to put down the trips to Mexico we did while at Goodfellow AFB, TX. What really blew my mind was the trip I took to Australia for two weeks. Only problem: it was TDY to the Pine Gap facility! I went to familiarize US and Australians on new procedures. Approved by my unit, NSA, DSA and INSCOM, but I still had to report it. Ain't regulations wonderful? Yet I didn't have to report my divorce or new marriage as she was a U.S. citizen. Guess they're safe.

Posted on Jun 30, 2017, 3:58 AM

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