by Doc Nickel

There's really only a few options: A standard slide-up garage door, the one-piece style that pivots up, "barn" doors that open on hinges, a roll-up door (like a windowshade) a folding door (like for a closet) or a sliding door (like the other kind for a closet.)

All of these have been used with some degree of success, but all have their drawbacks. Hinged doors are generally so heavy they need massive hinges and heavy reinforcement to the frame, the roll-up doors are generally extremely expensive, the folding doors need an overhead track system and don't seal well at the bottom, and sliding doors generally seal the worst of the bunch.

A well-installed slide-up garage door is generally the best option. Takes up the least space (swinging doors need a lot of room) they're the most common style and so are generally among the least expensive, you can easily use off-the-shelf openers/closers, and when properly installed, seal remarkably well.


Posted on Jun 30, 2017, 2:01 PM

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