A little bit of both (with new pics)

by KrakenRising

A lot of that comes from the the texturing: the lack-of on the armor, the bad mapping of the fabric texture, and the lack of wrinkles in the fabric. Some is the sterile lighting and background. The fact that his fur is passing through the collar doesn't help.

I had been wondering how to handle the tail, whether to just have it pass through or to have a "bag" of fabric around it. I would want to keep it roughly the same shape, as the sillouette of the character would be changed too much if it realisticly held in the fur, and with a helmet on, the sillouette becomes vital.

I honestly was planning on skipping the utility belt, but that area does look like it's missing something.

Here's last night's test renders with a bit more texture work and better lighting (as well as buckles).
photo Roger_armor2_zpslspnrql8.png

I also played with some colors.
photo Roger_armor2Red_zpssy0fm9vq.png

Posted on Jul 4, 2017, 7:48 AM

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