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by Anonymous Coward

We usually run in the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) or Bonneville Nationals Inc., (BNI), which are basically the same thing. All meets are time trials, one vehicle at a time.

The SCTA tracks are 1.3 miles*, straight, flat, & dirt on El Mirage lake-bed north of Los Angeles. Timed over the last 132 feet only.

[linked image]

The BNI track is at Bonneville Salt Flats and is 5 miles*, straight, flat, & made of salt. Timing is between 2 & 3 miles, 3 & 4 miles, and 4 & 5 miles.

Because my brother and I work most of the meets, we only bring the car to Bonneville every few years. I think 2012 was the last year we ran at Bonneville, and that time was at a special FIA meet.

The car's class in it's current configuration is J/BGL which means J=750cc engine size, Blown, Gas, Lakester. Lakester means open wheeled, custom made car. As an unofficial sub-category, it's a belly-tank lakester because much of the body was made from an aircraft belly-tank. We're currently running about 190 mph.

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* These lengths are for the acceleration portion only. The slow down distance is about 1 mile at El Mirage and 2 miles at Bonneville.

Posted on Jul 6, 2017, 9:59 AM

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