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by Doc Nickel

I have no idea if this unit supports a remote keypad. I know one of the VFDs I have has a removable control face, but as I recall, the 3' extension cable was something like $60.

Either way, I have no plans to utilize the stock controls. I hate membrane buttons, and they don't hold up well to long term use anyway.

Plus, I want the controls to emulate what I've already got on the Grizzly mill, which is itself a direct clone of the very common Bridgeport switch placement- left side of the head, just below the brake handle.

I want the same kind of switch, and in the same location, so that habit and muscle memory are the same between both machines. I did the same thing with the lathes, and for the same reasons- besides it's just easier, so you don't go fumbling around, but also it's right there in case of an emergency.

The original control was on the knee next to the power feed, and I can see the utility of that, but I have a rotary switch almost identical to the Griz, and will be fabbing up a mount to bolt it in a similar location.


Posted on Jul 6, 2017, 10:56 AM

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