Firearms in the air? Absolutely! fireworks? not so much around here...

by J.Cook

We have (in Arizona) a law that makes it a felony to shoot yer guns into the air. (Shannon's Law).

And technically, aerial fireworks are Not Legal unless you have a permit (and are a professional company), but I had a good time sitting in my pool in the back yard the night of the 4th watching people in the apartment complex a half block over light off a good number of aerials, most of which had tails of some form. I was waiting for the cops to show up, but they never did (probably because everyone and their dog were doing the same thing- This year was the first in a while that I didn't have a small shindig in the driveway lighting off the small consumer stuff that's legal to use here.)

Posted on Jul 6, 2017, 3:35 PM

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