Ah the memories that can never (probably) be shared.

by MephitMark

As a Crypto for the USA Navy I got to see and hear about things that would generally scare the general public royally, and make the conspiracy nuts drool themselves out. But sadly unless out government decides to declassify EVERYTHING (fat chance of that!!), it will be seventy years (roughly 40 left for me) before my non-disclosure contract runs out.

Sadly I have some coworkers (most are not that brainy) that do NOT believe that I have such a contract wit the Navy. I tried to inform that the real reason for the length it is not so much WHAT I know but HOW I learned the data. Sadly to may of our politicians, and the public to, don't understand is that if a enemy or potential enemy don't know about how information is gathered the better and longer a chance for information TO be gotten.

Posted on Jul 6, 2017, 5:41 PM

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