Artistic License...

by Doc Nickel

From an art standpoint, I needed something on the tables to make it look more like a store/shop/business, than a private location, like somebody's dining room.

Standard diner fare is, of course, condiments on the table. Well, the coffee shop isn't a diner, of course, but there could still be things on the table. I presume the larger one is a simple sugar dispenser for those that get simple black coffee, and the two smaller ones (there's three items there, not one big rocket-shaped thing) would be shakers for... say, one is cinnamon and the other is nutmeg, maybe? Powdered vanilla, if such a thing exists? How about a chocolate grinder? happy.gif Like a pepper grinder, but instead shaves flakes of hard chocolate onto your whipped cream?

Okay, that one's probably reaching a bit... happy.gif


Posted on Jul 7, 2017, 12:03 PM

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  1. cocoa shakers. beejay5169, Jul 7, 2017
  2. Not reaching at all, except to grab the chocolate grinder. Jelsemium, Jul 8, 2017


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