Lots of ways...

by Doc Nickel

An auger arrangement is prone to clogging, especially with long stringy chips or the coils from drilling, and even without jamming, it wouldn't be able to compress the chips as well as the hydraulic press.

Some of those recyclers who don't take chips will take them if they've been "pucked", so it makes economic sense if your shop is producing enough chips that it's worthwhile to process and sell them as scrap.

But as I said, it would gain me nothing, apart from the simple curiosity of trying it as an experiment. AND, thanks to the slow manual press, would take a great deal of time.

Some of the more prolific home shop guys have converted hydraulic log splitters into puckers, but most of them are doing it in order to more easily smelt their chips so they can use them to cast parts, rather than so they can sell the resulting pucks.


Posted on Jul 10, 2017, 1:24 PM

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