Pink tools

by beejay5169

My problem with the pink tools I've seen is that they're often not made from quality materials - steel that's too soft for a screwdriver, pliers that have the cutter blades damaged by shortening a small nail. The ones I've seen also tend to be not as well made as the brand-name stuff - chisel screwdrivers where the blade is too thick or too thin for its width, Philips head drivers that are No.2 size, but the flutes are cut to fit in a No.1 screw head (so you only need one screwdriver), pliers whose plastic handles aren't secured to the metal handles properly...

Yes, you CAN use them, but they're easily damaged, and in unskilled or careless hands may be more dangerous than useful. As an apprentice, we were hammered with "Using the wrong tool to do the job might work, but it might also damage the workpiece or injure you. YOU can be easily replaced, but the workpiece possibly cannot be."

Posted on Jul 10, 2017, 2:06 PM

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