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by Doc Nickel

I've mentioned it before, but it's germane to the topic. happy.gif

Years ago- too many years ago- I built an entire car, by grafting a junk, rusty, engineless '65 Chevy Corvair body, to a 1977 Chevy Blazer frame and running gear. It wasn't a particularly wild modification- I wasn't the first to do something like that, and wasn't by any means the last- but it was pretty involved for a punk kid on a nonexistent budget.

And virtually every tool I used, could have fit into the back of a shortbed pickup, with nothing sticking up over the edge, and with room to spare.

I had a Milwaukee corded hand drill, maybe a dozen drill bits (most of which were dull) a 9" angle grinder, a chinzy plastic bodied bench grinder, a decent drill press (decent except the lowest speed was still too fast for drilling steel with anything but the smallest drills- hence the "dull" part) and a Lincoln "tombstone" AC buzzbox welder.

Over the course of the build, I bought myself a jigsaw to help cut out aluminum panels, a couple of air tools like a pistol grip sander and a die grinder with a cut-off wheel, and the big purchase, which I had to save up for several months for, a $700 Hobart "suitcase" 110V MIG welder.

Apart from that, I only had hand tools. Sockets, combination wrenches, screwdrivers, a couple hammers, two or three dull, coarse files, maybe a hacksaw.

That really was about it.

No mill or lathe, and no access to them either. No TIG welder, no bandsaw- or portaband saw- no abrasive chop saw, no plasma cutter, no MIG that could weld anything thicker than 1/8" steel, no sandblaster, no anvil, no parts washer, no spoolgun.

None of my specialty hand tools like body hammers, sheetmetal nibblers or even proper wire strippers.

And all that skips over the fact I used reclaimed metals (I'd cut sections of sheetmetal off junk car hoods and doors and basically built the whole thing on an extremely tight budget.


Posted on Jul 11, 2017, 11:45 AM

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