Wow, that's still around?

by Doc Nickel

Man, I haven't seen that in years. Last time I saw that, there were like... twelve or fourteen links. I'd have bet money that thing died ten years ago... The appearance sure dates back to circa-1996 Geocities. And a LiveJournal link, too. happy.gif

But, props to the owner for keeping it up. I knew I had a lot of cameos, but to see 'em all in a big list like that...!

It's also pretty interesting to go through that list and see how many have ended or even totally disappeared over the years.

The Pet Professional (about what was basically a Punisher type character that only assassinated animals, mostly comic characters like Garfield, Snoopy and Marmaduke.)

Trivium Entertainment (which I'd pretty much utterly forgotten about until just now, and can't honestly remember a single thing about it.)

Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life (which was an intriguing storyline about sentient robots- I recall the art was good, and the storyline had some emotion and depth to it, but it's been so long since it vanished, I can't remember much more than that.)

The WhoGirl (a fun shortly-into-the-future bit with a probably-not-entirely-sane mercenary Tank-Girl type.)

Then there's Queen of Wands, which was one of the "biggest", or at least most influential webcomics back in the day (IE, the one everybody was always talking about- oh, you won't believe what just happened!) Asylumantics (weird, like "Addams Family" but with mental patients) Chopping Block (a single-panel comic about a serial killer- remarkably well done, given the subject matter, but has ended, been revived, ended again, and been revived a dozen times now) Untitled, Movie Punks (I'd utterly forgotten about both of those) Gothbunnies, Dex Lives, Cheap Thrills...

Pity most of those have not only ended, but disappeared completely. I'd love to read back through some of those sometime.

And speaking of, anybody know what's up with the TWB Wiki? It's been gone-gone for a while now.


Posted on Jul 12, 2017, 1:23 AM

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  1. As long as TWB goes strong. Hogan, Aug 5, 2017


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