Dump that Fix-a-flat.

by Snowtroll

Just a waste of time and space, really.

I've had two punctures in the decades I've been driving, and neither time would that fix-a-flat have helped... (Unless it can be used to glue small bits of a completely shredded tire together... No?)
I wouldn't buy a car without a proper spare tire. Which is checked every spring and fall. And I keep a small 12V compressor in the car.

It was actually a legal requirement to keep a set of spare bulbs in the car here in Norway. Then some moronic paperpusher decided that it was a redundant rule and managed to get it removed.
Redunadncy because 'all cars must be in an 'approved state' before starting a trip, and in a 'safe state' during the trip. (Or something like that. Translating legalsese is impossible... )
And if you lose a headlight, the brake lights or something, it may not be 'safe' to drive it any more, particularly in the dark or in bad weather. Ergo, you need to carry spares...

Which is effing moronic!
Most people never do more than what they're explicitly required to do!

And given that there's some small cars allowed on public roads where you need to remove the front wheels or even the bumper and grille to swap a headlight bulb... AAAAAAAARGH!
(How the heck did they get approval?)

Even weirder fact from Norway;
Not only is a first-aid course a legal requirement to get a driver's license, but you must also demonstrate that you know how to replace a wheel, a lightbulb, or check oil or other liquids.
(I don't think this part is updated to deal with electric cars, yet. Which is beginning to become an issue as we have more Teslas and other electrics than any other country. Not that any driving instructor uses Teslas, yet. And it's the instructor's car they have to demonstrate on... )

Posted on Jul 12, 2017, 5:55 AM

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  2. Need to dump the Tempa-Spare. Bruce Bergman, Jul 12, 2017
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