Unloading tools from a truck

by James

My racing partner has a large truck, not too different from Doc's. He grinds mill spindles, and needs to load and unload a very large tool box as a result. He has a winch, and track/ramps that fold out, so he can easily and safely load & unload it by himself. It works so well that he's made a second similar tool cart to hold the tools we take to the races.

Before the ramp system, he had tried using an old ambulance gurney that has the legs that fold up as you load it, and unfold again as you unload it. It was a pretty cool system, and it worked, but very quickly, it became too heavy for one person to manage.

Comic Theology question; Could Doc created a tool box too heavy for him to lift?

Posted on Jul 12, 2017, 10:42 AM

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