I'm past all that

by Russ Kepler

I first started playing with computers (stealing time on a timeshared 360/65) at a university in 1968, first professional work in 1974, worked the field since then to my (partial) retirement last fall. Technically you'd have to say that everything I was trained in is obsolete, but it turns out that a lot of the new kids coming out of universities can't deal with multi-tasking across multiple threads doing system calls to other processing that they want to chat with through pipes (just to give an example...) and so my particular skill set is more in demand now than ever before. I am now getting job offers on a daily basis just at the time I least want them.

So if there's something past 100% "old phart" I definitely fall in that category.

Posted on Jul 14, 2017, 12:10 PM

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