by Snowtroll

You forgot the combination pliers.

If any of the whippersnappers on the site wonders; the nail file is for the 'points', the switch in the distributor.

If there's a Crescent wrench or a set of spanners is the sign of whether it's a good or bad kit. (spanners = good, Crescent = bad)

I remember the time when you could buy fuses, a length of fuel hose, or even jubilee clips at a gas station. And if you asked nicely, you could use their grease pit to do the necessary repairs.
(After my first car, where everything made of rubber was rotten, I've made it a point to always have a few lengths of fuel hose in the car.)

These days they're more likely to ask how much spices you want on your fries(fuses, what's that? he must have meant fries, right?) and the grease pit is where they're illegally dumping the old fat from the deep fryer...

They've got some really good sausages wrapped in bacon, though...

Posted on Jul 16, 2017, 12:00 PM

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