Car 9999 - The July Meet

by James

If there was one word to describe the July meet it would be HOT. It was stinking HOT. The AC in my brother's motor-home could only lower the temperature about 12 degrees, but that 103° inside was refreshing cool compared to the 115° outside.

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The July meets are historically small meets, partly because of the heat, but also because many teams skip it to avoid damaging their vehicles before the big Bonneville races in August. There were just under 70 vehicles for this meet. Since we were still 9th overall, we ran very early, while the air temperature was still below 80°, and the track was in great shape.

Two cars ran before us, Both of them are teams we need to beat before the end of the year in order to get #1 car. Interesting, those two cars are both running in the same class, against the same records. One of them is in our own car club. The car that isn't in our club ran first, and just squeaked a record by only 0.6 mph, but good enough for 225 points. Then the one in our club ran, but spun out just before the finish, destroying the start speed sensor. It turned out they broke their motor in some way and they're now probably out of the points running, (more about them in a sec). I work these meets in the timing trailer keeping the electronics under control so I drove out and replaced the sensor and battery before my car ran.

On our run, the car ran great right out of the start, and through most of the track, but just before the finish, it lost power and we ran through about 3 mph below the record. sad.gif It turned out the problem was with "the nut that holds the wheel". The driver saw he was well over the rpms he wanted to be at and pulled his foot out of it to sandbag a little. But the car was running with over 30lbs of boost, and it didn't slow down a little, it slowed down a lot.

Fortunately for us, it was a small meet, and the wind stayed down, so we got a second run in a couple of hours later, and squeaked a record with only 0.4 mph to spare. Also good for 225 points. That means that we probably didn't gain or loose any against the #1 car. Some of the cars behind us probably gained some ground, but hopefully not much.

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We think our car still has 5-8 mph still available in this class, so we won't sandbag in September, we'll try to push that record as high as we can get it, and go for as many points as we can, We think, (hope) that the #1 car is nearly maxed out, and might not be able to get 3 more records. We may be able to add to that with the team that's in my car club. They're probably too far back to catch us but if they can get a record in the next couple of months, it will make it that much harder for #1. (The enemy of my enemy is my friend).

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The photo above shows why the lakebed we race on is named El Mirage.

Finally, getting back to how to unload a lot of tools easily from a truck, here's how my friend does it. If anyone thinks there's an easier way, I'd like to hear it.

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Posted on Jul 16, 2017, 10:16 PM

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