Did I miss a comic or three?

by SquirllyOH

Today's comic makes me think I've missed a frame or 2. Is this on purpose and the last comic was the fire department ordering 45 cups of coffee then it jumps to what looks like the aftermath of a slaughter ro is there some comics missing that I didn't get the memo on?


Posted on Jul 24, 2017, 4:59 AM

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  1. Took me a moment, but.... jwhouk, Jul 24, 2017
    1. Oh, right. Dave H, Jul 24, 2017
      1. Jake's unharmed..... beejay5169, Jul 24, 2017
        1. Rest in peace, Duncan. PSadlon, Jul 24, 2017
          1. Now he.... Welsh Rat, Jul 24, 2017
            1. Maybe. PSadlon, Jul 24, 2017
    2. Duncan is psychic?. Antknot, Jul 24, 2017
      1. Nice one (NT). PSadlon, Jul 24, 2017


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