Traumatized Jinx...

by Doc Nickel

Sandy and Swampy are just exiting the oil room in order to walk around the corner to the showers. Deciding that, since it was after hours and not wanting to get their good robes all oily, they make the trip au naturel.

Just as they reach the corner, Jinx appears, wondering where everyone went.

Sandy panics, screams, tries to cover herself up, and runs past to the showers in a spray of oil droplets and red hairs.

Swampy, nonplussed, asks a startled Jinx if he's okay.

"Uh, yeah", he smiles, "but I think I just went through puberty."


(That's not how it's going to happen, but it IS one of the ideas I was playing with. happy.gif )

Another idea was the couple was just opening the door to leave the room, when Swamps notices Jinx walking up the corridor. Since they're both still naked and covered in oil, Swamps panics and slams the door behind him so Jinx at least won't see Sandy.

And then, from inside the room, we hear a series of slips, falls, crashes, bangs, yips, flops, thuds, splashes and clunks. This goes on for two or three panels, while Jinx and Swampy look at each other with a certain level of embarrassment.

Eventually the noises stop, and after a beat, Swampy says "... would you excuse me? I believe I have some explaining to do."



Posted on Jul 24, 2017, 11:45 AM

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