Considered it...

by Doc Nickel

The "visqueen lined room" is a throwaway gag. Basically just a reason to get Swampy and Sandy together and have a reason to show it. The room itself is just a MacGuffin, a plot device.

However, speculation on it did make me stop and think a couple of times, as to whether I could expand that, make a short storyline out of it.

There were a couple of options- They're woken up in the morning by a building crew, there to finish construction; they're found by Roger, who's been tinkering on it as a special-ops lab, they find a second doorway and the oil causes them to slip further into the system somewhere, etc.

But I decided to skip that. It's unnecessary, and I'd have to draw it in a way that keeps two naked people suitably hidden. happy.gif

It's better left as it is- it's just a vignette, a short scene meant to be a part of the overall storyline, which includes all three couples, but is mainly focused on Doc & Cara.

As it is, the way I have things roughly mapped out, it might be spring before the 3-man tourney starts. happy.gif Last thing we need is more side-tracks along the way. happy.gif


Posted on Jul 25, 2017, 1:00 AM

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