by Donkey

That is not my experience.

I have one sister who is the baby of the family (13 months younger than me). Me and my older brother's (16 months older than me) problem was that when ever we got ideas of tormenting her she would go screaming to our mother that we where picking on her before we had a chance to do anything to her. We would then get punished for picking on our little sister. Me and my brother had always thought that this was totally unfair. If we are to be punished for tormenting our little sister we should at least be allowed to do whatever it was we where thinking of doing to her that we are getting punished for. Its entirely unfair to be punished for something that we never had a chance of doing to her.

Posted on Jul 28, 2017, 7:48 AM

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  1. Did your sister go into politics? NT. Jelse, Jul 28, 2017
  2. Ah, but you did. TheSkulker, Aug 3, 2017


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