Not at all!

by Doc Nickel

Oh no, I didn't take it as any kind of jab or insult, I wrote that basically just as an interesting aside on how the concept has changed over the years.

There's a lot of "legacy" stuff that we're still using today, that's now some thirty years old- the ASA thread, 'Cocker threads, etc.- that really wasn't "designed" or "planned", it was simply the luck of the draw that this or that wound up more successful than those others.

The Angel thread was popular kind of because it was popular. Angels were some of the most popular markers out there, and of course the aftermarket companies made tons of parts for them- including new feed necks.

A few other companies looked at the availability of the Angel necks (high, low, clamping, you name it) and decided to incorporate it into their markers- the AGD ULE body is one notable example.

We kind of just followed the trend, on the Fastbacks. Although the neck was even back then known to be a bit weak in the threads, considering how tiny they were, so in the FB, we added additional reinforcement to stabilize the necks.

But yeah, you can be sure that if I were to ever to a fresh run of new Fasties, it'd have the Inception boss on it. happy.gif


Posted on Jul 29, 2017, 12:16 AM

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  1. If you did do another run, I'd definitely be on the list.. Spyder95, Jul 29, 2017


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