by Doc Nickel

We've done some rough estimates, and that's all they are is rough because we don't even have any CAD models to run through the system yet (which would give us fairly precise estimates of machine time and thus cost) AND I don't even have a finished design yet (the trigger, barrel band, lever, bolt and feed mechanism are getting major overhauls, which will necessarily change both receivers) AND I'll be adding additional parts (scratchbuilt stocks, 12-gram changer, possibly field-strip screws, etc.)

Plus there's questions on things like finishing- if I had one of the custom companies like Caustic to some top-notch glossy color anno (to get a nice deep gun-blue tone, or better yet a close approximation of color casehardening) just the anno alone could be $150 a gun. Or if I just have some bulk shop do them in basic black, it might cost $25 a gun.

AND, there's a the question of how many to have made. This is very much a niche-market marker, and I have no illusions it will be of very limited interest. I will (again, if all goes well, and finances permitting) likely have at least fifty made- and even then I can see being stuck with a few at the end.

It's possible I could sell 100, or even at the way outside, maybe as many as 200, but I think it'd take a couple of years to trickle the last third or so of those out the door.

And the difference between having 50 sets of parts made and 200 parts could add up to $200 a gun just in CNC machine time. (Making more drops the per-part cost, often by a LOT.)

I would LOVE to be able to get a basic, not too fancy version out the door for under $700 each, and still be able to make a small profit off each one. But really, depending on all of the above still way up in the air factors, a street price could be anywhere from $500 to $1,200, with it most likely being in the $800-$1,000 range.

But we're still a long ways from there. happy.gif


Posted on Jul 31, 2017, 6:48 AM

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