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by Doc Nickel

First off, the link is broken- all I get is a "this page isn't available" page.

Second, how about some contact info for those of us that don't Facebook? happy.gif

Third, Anchor Point? What in God's Green Earth made him choose Anchor Point? If he's expecting to find good paying work in that 'wide spot on the road', he's got a couple of open circuit breakers somewhere.

The entirety of Anchor Point consists of four tourist traps that close up on the first of September, a '60s era gas station, a slightly more modern gas station that's changed hands three times in the last three years, a remarkably well-stocked head shop, and a State Trooper station that's not much more than a spot for the troopers to stop and take a nap.

Generally speaking the only jobs are going to be seasonal, or working at one of the gas stations/convenience stores. I think there's an automotive garage or two, but it's my impression they're kind of "family run" places, and simply don't have the business or the income to hire anybody.

He'd be far better off tying to get a job in Homer (another 25 minutes South) or better yet, move to Seward and check in at Icicle Seafoods. When I was there in '14, they were desperate for a competent machinist.

It's also worth noting that the overall State economy is down, thanks in large part to depressed oil prices, and even in the populated areas jobs are hard to come by.


Posted on Aug 2, 2017, 2:45 PM

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