Hope we don't ever have to take it to asia or europe...

by Derranged Gadgeteer

That thing is a MONSTER!!! I can't imagine trying to take that through tight, narrow, old world streets. I thought the hummvee was awful big, but that looks like our fighting men will be pretty much driving the equivalent of a tri-axle dump truck around.

I do however like that the armor is integrated into the base model, and isn't some add-on, since these days most of the mechanized fighting is done by hese light(er) trucks and not by the tanks.

And that ride!!! It looks like it's floating on a cloud! A big steel, rubber, and diesel cloud.

I want one. I have no use for it whatsoever, but I still want one!

Posted on Aug 5, 2017, 4:33 PM

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  1. Re: Hope we don't ever have to take it to asia or europe.... Greyryder, Aug 5, 2017
    1. Hell just NORMAL full sized american trucks are too big here. FireFrenzy, Aug 6, 2017
      1. Oh, that's easy. Cbob, Aug 6, 2017
        1. For me at least, it was comfort.. J.Cook, Aug 6, 2017
        2. Re: Oh, that's easy. Moriniman, Aug 7, 2017
    2. Blame mines and IED's. Xheralt, Aug 7, 2017
      1. I still blame mission creep.. Deus Machina, Aug 8, 2017
        1. Started Out as a Small Two-Seater. Greyryder, Aug 8, 2017


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