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by Doc Nickel

"You would make good use of a 440 but it would leave a lot of room to desire something with more features."

-Oh, I agree. But as is all too often the case, reality takes precedence over desire. happy.gif

I mean, if I had my preferences, I'd have a shop like Inception's, full of nearly-new HAAS, Mazak and Okuma production machines, and I'd have at least three guys on staff taking my prototypes and CADing them up for the production floor. happy.gif

But considering I can't even afford to buy lunch for the CAD guys, that ain't gonna happen. happy.gif

More realistically, yes, I'd much prefer to have a full 1100, with the tool changer, power drawbar, 4-th axis, enclosure, automatic drip coffee maker and accessory kitten-licker. The problem is, that's something like $25K- within the price of a used HAAS- and the size of a Volkswagen Bus.

I don't have $25K nor the room to park a bus in my shop. happy.gif

Realistically, an a'la carte 440 is roughly within my current budget, and if I sell or otherwise dispose of another machine, I should be able to squeeze it into the shop.

And I can always upgrade later. happy.gif


Posted on Aug 6, 2017, 12:35 AM

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  1. agreed. ydna, Aug 6, 2017


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