The books...

by Doc Nickel

... Are illegible. I just Googled some books-in-a-bookcase images, and picked one that wasn't taken at an angle, wasn't stock-photo watermarked, and had relatively antique looking books.

The overall pic is pretty neat, and the books are clearly older cloth-bound, but even zoomed in, no titles can be seen. In fact, most of the books have an unadorned spine- there's no title at all, legible or otherwise.

And yes, the polar bear was kind of a last-minute addition, I figured it might be a baby picture. happy.gif The sailboat was just another random google- "fine art painting", as I recall. I didn't want something with specific meaning- Munchs' Scream or a Salvador Dali painting, I just wanted a generic (appearing) scene, whose color and tone fit the room well. (The polar bear pic should have been dimmed a lot more, being in the shadows of the hallway, but when I did that, it was basically illegible.)

I'm not sure it'll come up in the strip, but the idea here is that Cara found some of the books, furnishings and other bricabrac already in there- we already know the place was some law offices for a while, then an ad-hoc apartment for a while, then just random storage for many years after that.


Posted on Aug 10, 2017, 11:52 AM

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