An answer to Doc's question about a motorcycle with a rocket powered nose cone.

by James

I got a chance to ask an AMA inspector about Doc's question about adding a rocket powered nosecone to a land speed bike, while we were eating dinner. This inspector is an old southern boy, who looks natural in overalls, with a wrench in one hand, and a rule book in the other. He probably has 40 years of experience, and I've worked with him for at least ten years. I proposed Doc's idea, and he turned towards me, squinted his eyes, and drawled, "He wants to do what?"

I explained that this was a hypothetical idea, and asked which rules it would violate. He leaned back and said, "It violates almost all of them."

I pressed on, and said, "Give me a specific one".

He said, "OK, bikes can only have non-moving aerodynamic surfaces. It violates that."

I said that was good enough, and he went back to eating BBQ llama. *

* I don't actually remember what he was eating. This conversation description, slightly fictionalized, depicts actual facts.

Posted on Aug 10, 2017, 5:41 PM

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  1. HeeHeeHee!. Doc Nickel, Aug 10, 2017
    1. Funny you should mention that. Renegade_Azzy, Aug 10, 2017
      1. Re: Funny you should mention that. donkey, Aug 12, 2017
        1. It was probably listed as community outreach or something.... FireFrenzy, Aug 13, 2017
          1. lolz. Renegade_Azzy, Aug 13, 2017


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