by Doc Nickel

Not... a big fan of any of those, if I'm honest.

Mainly, none of them even hint "drone" to me, apart from the text, of course.

The "propeller" shape doesn't really look like a propeller, the aperture shape doesn't fit with the prop, and the gear kind of muddles it further.

The gear with the six holes makes me think "bicycle chainring" more than anything.

Also, with the color, don't make 'em equal. In other words, have a black logo with a touch of red, or a red logo with a touch of black, rather than one with more-or-less equal proportions of both.

Sorry I don't have many suggestions for alternates, it's early and most of my prefrontal cortex hasn't fully booted up yet. happy.gif

You might try the one little 2-blade propeller icon, put one at an angle at each corner over the word "drone works", which would suggest the look of a typical quadrotor.

Or enclose the word with a thick black line, with bulges at each corner- it'd look kind of like a cartoon dog bone, but you might be able to play with the spacing a bit.

Find an isometric drawing of a fan- a prop with a hub and the outer ring. Tilt that in two dimensions and place it at the beginning of the title word.

Might be able to come up with something later...


Posted on Aug 26, 2017, 9:37 AM

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