Ah, I see.

by FerreTrip

Thank you very much for keeping politics out of the comic, especially these days, what with the man who's sitting in the Oval Office. That said, if you support him, I do highly HIGHLY frown upon you, but that's 100% your choice and I'll keep reading the comic because, well, you keep it to entertainment and don't use it to spread your political views. I do also agree that we should pay attention on 9/11 (my mother grew up in NYC, I was riding with her to her college teaching job when they got hit, I'm still stunned thinking about the dust cloud) and Memorial Day (we put our men and women through complete and utter hell with the cheapest gear we can get for them, they freaking DESERVE some respect), and I was also happy when we got Saddam (justice!), and I honestly think those are light enough to be acceptable sorta-political things to put in. Art is self-expression, after all.

As for climate change, I guess we haven't gotten as many hurricanes, and I'm willing to bet a load of scientists trumped stuff up to scare people, but the fact is we've still got problems. We've still got melting ice caps and oh GOD the huge fires over in Portugal this summer and numerous other things. And who knows? Maybe we ARE experiencing climate change, but it's understandably very slow and subtle. As someone who grew up with a man who not only teaches college Astronomy and Physics, but has done physics experiments and studied Io as an actual scientist, I know science is ever-changing. We've made thousands of assumptions that later turned out to be false because, oh no, we're humans and we're fallible! Just don't completely write off our environment, never write off our environment, for the sake of those who come after us.

Thanks for the response, and sorry if anything I just said upsets you, sir ^^;


Posted on Aug 27, 2017, 3:16 PM

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