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by FerreTrip

You're a man intelligent enough to keep a webcomic running since 2002. You are a smart man living in a world inhabited by Clients from Hell. You're allowed to go on a few rants now and then wink.gif

I'll admit I don't know the whole truth (and these days, it feels like getting the REAL truth on politics can be impossible) since I'd really rather not give my depression more fuel, but I highly doubt Obama was trying to assault the fabric of the US. If he was, would he really have succeeded in getting us out of that recession?

Sorry, but I've supported the guy for years, and not just because I was disgusted at Shrub's lackluster job. I might be in big trouble if we didn't have Obamacare--I'm on food stamps as it is--and please remember that (as far as I know, I admit) the Republicans were doing everything they could to stop every single little thing he did, not caring if it was good for the country or not, in part probably because he's black.

As for Clinton, again, I don't know the whole truth, but please keep in mind Trump paid to make her look like complete and utter scum. He had I forget if it was either the FBI or CIA in his pocket. Trump might even be trying to make Obama look bad, too. He has the money to bribe it to existence. Granted, every lie has at least a kernel of truth, and I'm smarter than to think Obama's perfect, but I just wanna repeat that it can be hard to tell what's the truth anymore with politics.

But that's all just stuff I'm saying because I'm confused and upset and trying to hold onto what good I've grown up with in my 27-in-four-months years of life. I'm saying stuff that will upset SOMEone, and I dearly hope it's not the person I'm talking to. I guess in the end that I just want a working country where people don't fucking hate each other so much over the stupidest of things and just let people do what works for them (as long as it doesn't actually hurt others). Where my mother doesn't have to be thankful I'm not any darker than I already am because that would put me in danger of racist people with guns. Where we gave our military decent freaking equipment and weeded out the people joining the police to have power from the people joining the police to serve and protect.

...Bleh. Sorry, ranted myself, there ^^;

As for the climate stuff, there is one gas we should be wary of--methane. And if I recall correctly, there's a bunch of methane hidden under slowly melting snow somewhere in the world 8| Please correct me if I'm wrong, I want to get away from our human brains' tendency to accentuate the negative and focus on some positive things in the world.


Posted on Aug 27, 2017, 4:52 PM

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  1. [cracks knuckles] :). Doc Nickel, Aug 27, 2017
    1. You've made your point.. FerreTrip, Aug 27, 2017
      1. Hold the phone, here.... Doc Nickel, Aug 27, 2017
        1. Thank you.. FerreTrip, Aug 28, 2017
          1. Addendum.... Doc Nickel, Aug 29, 2017
            1. Okay.. FerreTrip, Aug 29, 2017
              1. Of course!. Doc Nickel, Aug 29, 2017
                1. Knew you'd have backup.. FerreTrip, Aug 29, 2017
    2. Re: [cracks knuckles] :). Donkey, Aug 28, 2017


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