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by Doc Nickel

The thing about politics is that there's always at least two different viewpoints.

I'm quite sure that most of what Obama did was and still is viewed very favorably by his followers, but there's large lists of things that, if viwed objectively, were in fact bad for the country.

The infamous XL pipeline thing, for example. It was stalled over environmental concerns- namely, what if the pipeline broke and spilled oil? Environmentalists considered the stall a good thing.

Except that meant the oil- which had to be delivered one way or the other- had to then be shipped by rail. There were at least three rail accidents- and spillages- between the time that Obama blocked the XL line and the end of his Administration. Pipelines, on the other hand, very rarely break and leak.

Also, the American waffling on the oil transport deal badly strained a regular, long-term partnership with Canada, who used to sell us oil at below-market prices. Because of the XL waffling, the Canadians ended that practice, which raised US energy costs, and will continue to keep them elevated.

Third, the simple fact that the XL project is an extension to an existing pipeline, one of literally hundreds of pipelines that crisscross the same region. Apparently those lines aren't a worry, but the one extra one was? That, of course, was all due to politics- the stall on the extension was nothing but a transparent sop to the environmentalists, and to hell with what it actually did in the real world.

The list of such things he did is endless; Giving away US control of ICANN, using the IRS to actively target political opponents (one of the things Nixon was impeached over- how times have changed) using the EPA to unilaterally change environmental regulations (they're supposed to go through Congress) and so on.

And Obamacare is a total and utter disaster. That, too, is not a "left or right" issue- objectively, it directly led to a massive and continuing increase in insurance costs (which President Obama promised us wouldn't happen) it's directly led to several manufacturers of medical equipment closing down, it's directly caused a shortage of qualified doctors and care personnel (most of whom have left for private practice where they don't have to deal with the regulations) it's a massive paperwork burden on hospitals, and worse, it lets the government dictate who gets what care, and for how long.

If some MAJOR restructuring is not done soon, it WILL collapse, and take a good number of insurers and even hospitals with it.

Yes, those who have benefited from it are happy to have it, but again, objectively, it's a disastrous law and has caused far, far more problems than it solved.

As for the Republicans trying to stop every little thing he did, no offense there, but is that any different from what the democrats are doing right now, to stop every little thing Trump does? For pete's sake, they're trying to blame Harvey on Trump!

As for doing so "because Obama is black", that's complete and utter horseshit. No Republican ever said that- only the Democrats did, when they didn't get their way.

And that's a prime example of how a Clinton administration would have been even worse for the US. With Obama, it was all about the race. Any time anyone disagreed with him, it must be because of racism.

You know what? With Hillary it would have been because of sexism.

Again speaking objectively, race relations under Obama have worsened dramatically, and we have the polls to show for it. The last thing we needed was Hillary to keep those fires burning, and to throw sexism on the pile as well.

And going back to the top, Obama did nothing to "get us out of the recession". Again, taken objectively, the vast majority of the reduced "unemployment" rate was actually people dropping out of the job market, not actually getting employed. The "official" unemployment rates are a metric of only those people actually receiving unemployment benefits. Your benefits run out but you still haven't found a job? You're still off the official rolls.

The total number of people employed at the end of Obama's administration was, as a percentage of those able to work, less than when he was first elected. Those people didn't leave, they could not find jobs, and generally stopped looking.

Obama is also the first President in history to never see a single month of 3% or better growth. Reagan inherited a Carter recession, and the economy was doing 10% growth within a year. Obama had eight years and averaged something like 1.3%- which, again in objective terms, isn't even that good since it barely just keeps up with population growth.

Would you like me to go on? happy.gif


Posted on Aug 27, 2017, 6:23 PM

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