Hold the phone, here...

by Doc Nickel

There's a big difference between ignorance and stupidity.

I never called you a mouthbreather or any other name- if you'll note, at no point in any of my diatribes did I attack you personally, or even tangentially. happy.gif

This is an excellent example of why I keep politics out of the comic. No matter what viewpoint you take, in today's highly-divided world, you wind of making somebody mad.

Here, you think that just because I'm countering some of your points, that I'm therefore attacking you personally- and that's not the case.

Part of the the anxiety we're seeing in the news out there today is because people got themselves emotionally invested in "their" candidate, and that candidate losing was therefore seen as an attack on them personally, and an affront to their values.

No, what I was trying to do is educate you.

We all get stuck in our own little boxes. We only read the things we like, we only listen to the people we agree with, we only watch whicheveer news program seems to "lean" our way. It's natural, people don't like reading bad news, and people don't like having their beliefs challenged.

But the one and only one way out of this partisan divide we're in, is for each of us- you, me, Bob over there, John, Fred, Gloria, whoever- to make an active effort to get and listen to opinions that differ from ours. To, as the business people like to say, to see outside that box.

If all your news only comes from CNN, you're trapped in a box just as somebody that only gets their news from FOX. If you only read The Huffington Post, you're in that "bubble" just as much as somebody who only listens to Rush Limbaugh.

But it takes a LOT of effort to break out of that box. You have to actively seek out alternate viewpoints- NOT just ones that reinforce what you already want to believe- AND you have to find trustworthy sources. Or at least relatively trustworthy sources, since pretty much all news today is biased one way or the other.

On the XL thing, yes, there were of course environmental concerns. But those should not have been allowed to trump- pardon the expression- the greater economic and energy-independence concerns. An honest man would want to see both sides.

As for Obama being black, I happen to espouse what a wiser man once said many years ago- to paraphrase, I cared far more for the content of his character, than the color of his skin.


Posted on Aug 27, 2017, 8:05 PM

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