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by Donkey

I have no idea how you will respond to my view.

Obamacare was trying to mop up the floor wail the pipe was still leaking. The problem that I have always seen was the totally out of control costs of medical care. We need to do something to stop the soaking of the American people. Giving everyone medical insurance is pointless when all that is happening is we are just feeding another level of corporations profit margin. The best cure for a great meany of our problems would be to get corporations out of congress but that is never going to happen. If every medical office, health clinic, hospital, and so on was forced to publicly show their costs that would be a big help because the places that are soaking the people the most could not hide the fact that they are doing it. Instead of people just going anywhere they would be looking at the prices in advance and would go to the places that have really good care at good prices. Another thing that needs to be done is prices of drugs needs to be caped. When someone goes and buys the rights to a drug they cant raise the price they are forces to continue selling it at the price it was before they bought it.

I suck at writing but I hope I got my ideas across.

Posted on Aug 28, 2017, 12:28 AM

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