Thank you.

by FerreTrip

I wasn't trying to say you were insulting me or anything. I know (and knew) you weren't attacking me personally. It's really does feel that way sometimes, you know? (Though, I'm sorry, but that "Would you like me to go on?" did feel kinda...mean ^^; ) I know you were trying to teach me, and I guess I was more upset with myself for feeling so ignorant.

I do try and get second opinions and such when looking for information, partly because I know some sources aren't that reliable in addition to knowing that everyone tries to make people think their way, even when they try hard to be objective. The FOX thing does remind me of something--I'm from Wisconsin, and a while back we had this huuuge strike around the capital, and FOX decided to make it look bad by showing some footage of the strike...which just so happened to contain palm trees. (When me and my dad dropped by during it, we saw people holding palm tree cutouts and such to mock FOX. It was hilarious.) Also, who's Rush Limbaugh? (BTW, yes, I do live under a rock.)

I really wish people would do that more--try and break out of that box, go outside their comfort zone. At the very least, I wish our history textbooks did that instead of being all revisionist and such. As for the trustworthy sources, I honestly think a good source might be Associated Press, unless they're corrupt, too. I do know to take things with a grain of salt and sugar, though.

Hey, "trump" is a favorite word of mine. I'm sad it's been besmirched as it has ;w;

On that last bit, indeed. Now, the important thing is, was the content of his character good? I personally think yes, just he was far from perfect--many, MANY people do more harm than good when their heart is in the right place. I've been one on occasion. (Maybe we all have.) And I think we've all panicked and done things we knew weren't the best things because we were afraid of the personal consequences. Obama's just a normal human like us, and I like to think he's one of the decent ones.

I'm sorry for being so super-emotional like that, Doc. I lost control of my reasoning and such. Obama's important to me, and even though I try to be someone who looks at things from different sides and all, it's hard to accept that he might not have been that good a president. (DAMN sight better to watch and listen to than the ones flanking him, at the very least. Though I admit, Shrub's "Bushisms" were entertaining.)

Thanks for being such a trooper, with me and everyone and everything else ^^

-- FerreTrip

Posted on Aug 28, 2017, 3:35 PM

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