by Doc Nickel

It's worth keeping in mind that a large portion of the reason FOX gets such... for want of a better phrase, "bad press", is that it's NOT leftward biased like virtually all the other channels.

It's also worth noting that FOX has roughly twice as many daily viewers than CNN (about 1.5 million vs. about 780K.) And only slightly less than CNN and MSNBC combined.

I didn't see the palm tree thing, but more recently both CNN and MSNBC outright lied about what Trump said about Charlottesville, almost a dozen news sources blatantly lied about the infamous "Google Memo"- despite the full text being available online, disproving their interpretations- and just a few days ago, most news programs called the recent Antifa protests "peaceful", despite multiple arrests, dozens of hospitalizations, arson, and terroristic threats against the police.

No, FOX isn't perfect, but in my opinion, they're a damn sight better than CNN and the others.

No, the Associated Press are very much left-leaning, and are well-known to "editorialize" in what normally should be straight reporting.

At least three separate polls that I'm aware of over the years, of people that work in major-media and journalism, that show the vast majority of them- upwards of 97%- self-identify as Democrat, Liberal or Progressive.

The "party of diversity" indeed. Diversity of color, sure. Diversity of thought? Oh HELL no, apparently. happy.gif

As for Obama's character... No. When he was first elected, and for the first few years, I'd have happily said- and, in fact, I did, several times- that he was, in truth, well-meaning, but he just have a worldview rather opposed to mine.

But over the last few years, and especially reading about the many things that came to light after Trump was elected, no, I now believe that Obama had a far different opinion of the United States. I believe he wanted to see us, as a country and as an institution, "taken down a peg"- less influence, less power, less reach. And moreover, he wanted to see that power and influence turned over to foreign powers- Iran (to whom he paid a two billion dollar bribe in the last year he was in office) the Chinese (whom he let aggressively expand into the South China Sea- that is, to lay claim to International Waters) the Russians (removing missile defenses from the Ukraine, I think it was, and leaving some of our other NATO members out to dry as well) and so on.

His regulations closed down electrical generation plants, raised energy costs (remember the $5-a-gallon gas from 2012?) and poured billions into his crony's pockets (Solyndra, SunPower, Fisker, First Solar- dozens of others, all of whom later went bankrupt or otherwise failed.)

He "weaponized" the IRS, and used it to harass political opponents. He devalued our money by a significant amount- like 20% by some estimates- through "quantitive easing", effectively just printing more money as fast as possible. Which was an utterly he-doesn't-even-know-how-the-economy-works stupid move, which hurt us as a country badly.

The list goes on. Some of it could be chalked up to mere ego- he didn't confront the Chinese because he didn't want to have an "international incident" on his record. But most of the rest was either a calculated attempt to do what it did (IE, dump "green" government money into a bunch of friends and cronys, devalue our money, raise energy costs to make the US even less competitive, etc.)...

Or it was simple incompetence. He literally didn't know what he was doing- which was very likely, considering he hadn't held a private-sector job since a minor position when he was an undergrad, and had ZERO executive experience- IE, being the Boss- right up to the day he was elected.

And, there's no reason he couldn't have been both. I strongly believe he had no honest idea how our economy actually works, had even less idea how to deal with foreign powers, AND had an idea of how he wanted to "reshape" the United States more to his non-US-centric worldview. (Remember, he spent much of his young life living outside the US- that's not "birtherism", I fully believe he was and is a US citizen, but it's a matter of record, from his own books!, that he spent many years living in Africa and Indonesia.

I don't believe he was an actual criminal, like Hillary was (she very clearly broke the law, but she's famous and influential and has "friends in high places", so she got away with it) but he was also demonstrably, objectively bad for this country, and unquestionably used the Office for more than a few shady means.

And finally, as for "Bushisms", if you ever listened to Obama- preferably unedited, and especially off teleprompter- he committed a great many verbal slip-ups as well. The most famous ones are during the first campaign he said he visited "57 states so far", and still had three to go, he once famously mispronounced "corpsman"- a very common military term- as "corpse-man", rather than the more correct "core-man", and in unscripted speeches, used "um", "uh" and "Er" probably more than Bush.

But the media- which, as noted above, were almost all "on his side"- quite literally covered for him. They'd edit the recordings to get rid of mispronunciations, any extra Ums and Ers, and declare anything he read off a teleprompter as "stunning" and "a masterpiece".

Which is the key to the media bias. It's all how you present the data. Obama never visited the flooding in Louisiana- the media said he was "staying out of the way, so the emergency personnel wouldn't be interrupted by a visiting dignitary". Trump has yet to visit Houston, and the same media is calling him heartless for not putting his boots on the ground, and showing editorial cartoons with him "fiddling" like Nero, while Houston floods (IE, not caring what happens to them.)

When the media likes you- IE, you're a Democrat- you get preferential treatment. When the media doesn't like you- IE, you're a Republican- you get hostile treatment. It happens every single day, on virtually every channel, and in virtually every newspaper.

Be aware of it, and think accordingly. happy.gif


Posted on Aug 29, 2017, 2:07 AM

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