by FerreTrip

It was very difficult for me to read this, because while I think you aren't the type of person to twist words around or use just the statistics that favor you (especially after you said how people do that, implying it was a bad thing), after discussing it with my therapist, something very important occurred to me.

Please cite your sources.

I understand that this will be very difficult, because if what you say is true, then I have absolutely no idea what source out there is actually "neutral". (Also, on the AP thing, are they spouting the same far-left stuff that I'm supposing CNN and such are saying, or are they about where they were before our politicians began to lose their minds?) And since everyone tries to skew their data to their own favor, how do we know what the truth actually is anymore? From what you've told me, even if you DO cite sources, unless they're academic or something (and even then we're taking that with a grain of salt), why should I believe them? Why should I believe what you're telling me?

I can see the logic in a lot of this, I can believe a lot of this has happened. It just feels like you have been very anti-Obama and anti-left. I, myself, don't identify as left--when someone on the right does something good, I acknowledge and respect that; if I knew McCain would've been decent, I wouldn't have been as "OBAMA MUST WIN" and stuff. I've always preferred to think my political view was "the smart way", but after some events in my life, I've realized I'm not very smart...at least, I'm not very wise. But I'm just worried that you're seeing someone who likes this person that you obviously don't like, and you're trying to convince this kid that this person is actually bad. Dare I say, very bad.

That said, what GOOD did Obama actually do? You seem like someone who favors the right, but gives points to the left when they deserve them, given what you've said to me thus far. So surely, even after you've become jaded about him since Trump (a man who is powerful enough to bribe people to do everything they can to blow facts out of proportion and blast Obama) got into office, even you can still admit that Obama has actually done some good. Right?

I'm sorry to be confrontational about this, but this response really just took the cake. I'd say there's a good chance an outside observer would read this and go, "This Doc guy's just trying to smear Obama to disillusion this FerreTrip guy." I know I'm clueless, I know I'm stupid, but my gut is just telling me something isn't right here, and my gut's usually at least on the right track, even if the rest of me should've taken the left at Albuquerque 400 miles ago.

Regardless of what you say in response, I will keep my pledge on Patreon for the comic because, despite whatever you may say or think, you're keeping your views out of the comic and still making a fantastic comic. I want to see more of these wacky characters and hope that what meager support I give helps it continue being awesome ^^

Posted on Aug 29, 2017, 3:32 PM

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  1. Of course!. Doc Nickel, Aug 29, 2017
    1. Knew you'd have backup.. FerreTrip, Aug 29, 2017


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