Oh dear :(

by FerreTrip

Once, I was friends with this one guy who happens to commission some nice art now and then. Then one day he turned on me in a public chatroom and picked on me for being on the autism spectrum before kicking me from the room for standing up for myself. I hate his guts now, but to this day, I still enjoy the art that he commissions because it's good art. Same went for one artist who blocked me for no apparent reason (I later learned it was I was trying too hard to befriend him, a lesson I've taken to heart); he had EXCELLENT art, and I enjoyed it even though I disliked the artist because of what he did.

It's something I've learned while being in the furry fandom: sometimes you realize that you like someone's art despite disliking that person. And you know what? Life's too short to think about the artist every single time you look at art. I mean, psh, that's what half the Internet does to us, right? So if you really do enjoy the art, then enjoy the art. They're not preventing you from doing that, after all, right? Then it's their loss.

Posted on Aug 29, 2017, 4:10 PM

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  1. Well said!. Dave H, Aug 30, 2017


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