Knew you'd have backup.

by FerreTrip

Just had to be sure. (Granted, I still hold that the Republicans were being especially vicious to him and he might've done some of those things to try and defend himself, but the ends almost never justify the means.)

But to be fair, though, I don't think Trump's doing much better wink.gif

Butlet'snotgetintothatokay I want to stop talking about politics and getting depressed and jaded. I want to enjoy reading a comic about a bunch of anthropomorphic animals getting into wacky sci-fi hi-jinks...and that said, in particular more Jinx. Seriously, that kid is made of pure awesome and I love him to bits. He really needs to get paid.


WAIT A MINUTE. poofs to make another topic

Posted on Aug 29, 2017, 5:37 PM

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